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adventures in Hawaii

Waiting for Spring to arrive in Minnesota. It’s been bleak here on the tundra. No snow, endless landscape in shades of grey and brown.

sketching my landscape on small paper samples from Legion Paper in NY

sketching my current view on small paper samples from Legion Paper in NY

Wistfully remembering my month in Hawaii, on the Big Island with Zoe. Wondering if I should work my sketches into larger paintings. I was so all over the place, people, landscape, flowers…my new friends; Ugly Pig and Gimpy Chicken. And the colors are so different than I am use to seeing.

Churches are not this color in Minneapolis!

Churches are not this color in Minneapolis!


I do love these fields of green. Site of ancient taro fields, North Kohala.

watercolor portrait

Zoe sleeping on the beach

flowers from the Waimea farmer's market

flowers from the Waimea farmer’s market

hills of Waimea

hills of Waimea

painting pigs and chickens

Ugly Pig and his best friend Gimpy Chicken. This 8 year old arthritic chicken flew the coup. Ran off to the pig pen where this “tamed” wild pig lives. They live together like a crabby old married couple.

Painting in Tuscany

Back in Minnesota after 9 days in beautiful Italy. Painted a bit but mostly location scouting for my upcoming Watercolor Tour of Tuscany in May 2016 . Hosted by B&B owner and tour guide Doris Fortino

My home base was just outside of Lucca. My neighbor, Elenora, saw me painting the barn and asked me to paint her dog Lila. I did. Then she asked me to paint her ducks. I did that as well. Luckily by then it was dark out, or I would’ve had to paint the chickens and cats too.


Portrait of Lila.


Elenora’s teenage ducks


Cheryl’s barn


thumbnail sketch

coco_connolly_italy20151_flowers coco_connolly_italy-lucca