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Painting in Tuscany

Back in Minnesota after 9 days in beautiful Italy. Painted a bit but mostly location scouting for my upcoming Watercolor Tour of Tuscany in May 2016 . Hosted by B&B owner and tour guide Doris Fortino

My home base was just outside of Lucca. My neighbor, Elenora, saw me painting the barn and asked me to paint her dog Lila. I did. Then she asked me to paint her ducks. I did that as well. Luckily by then it was dark out, or I would’ve had to paint the chickens and cats too.


Portrait of Lila.


Elenora’s teenage ducks


Cheryl’s barn


thumbnail sketch

coco_connolly_italy20151_flowers coco_connolly_italy-lucca

Painting the Hawaiian Thimble Berry

Working in Hawaii this month. Had to leave the tundra behind.

February in Minnesota is not fun.

Living on a farm on the Big Island is paradise by comparison. although waking up to roosters crowing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a tropical island. Or having to wait for a huge wild pig to cross the street…awesome change of pace.

Pastel everything!

I’m digging the trend.  Maybe it’s my days spent on the mostly black, white and grey tundra in Minnesota. The brights feel too bright. Pastels are feeling just right. Check out the ballet pink bike from Shinola in Detroit. Amazing things they are making! Toilet paper and pastel, why not? Lucas Zarebinski. And lastly, my venture into oil painting. Ha! Yes, more tea cups.

s0500001680_womensmauvebixby_full_2000x1150_3__2 Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 7.08.25 PM teacup_oil

Painting fine china and shoes.

coco_connollyFCsketchStarting with studies, in watercolor in the sketchbook. Intrigued by the odd few pieces of fine china I discovered in my Uncle Razzy’s kitchen. Uncle Razzy has passed on, leaving behind a lot of plastic dishes and cups. I was surprised to find this little stash of petite cups and saucers.

coco_connollyFineChina2coco_connollyShoeStudy And here’s where I get excited! Setting up a new still life situation, suddenly decided to throw in my favorite Paul Smith shoe. The pattern play, the colors…can’t wait to paint this.