I’ve moved.

That’s right, new year, new website.
From now on I’ll be posting at Coco Connolly on squarespace. I like the clean presentation options for showing portfolios. I hope you find it easy. And you will be able to purchase original paintings starting in April 2018. 

Setting up the SHOP situation proved to be a little more daunting than I expected. But, hey, I’m the art person, not the bean counter. Having to research Terms, Shipping and Privacy Policies …wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had. Of course, there’s a place online I found that generates this legal copy. Termsfeed was helpful. Although I did rewrite some of it in my own voice. It was good to have a basic template. And don’t get me started on shopify vs woo vs etsy vs jimdo … ACK.

Enough of that. The fun part. Working with designer Karen Kopacz. Yes, even though I am a designer, it was challenging to work on my own site. Karen made the task so much easier. She helped create a beautiful environment for viewing the artwork.

I worked with photographer Seth Iverson and stylist Meredith Warner on a series of photographs that feature the art in a lifestyle environment. Below is one of many shots we captured for use on the website. Dream Team. I could make things with those two all day.

So there you go. I hope you can stop by the new site. Let me know what you think via my new Contact form : ) I’m looking forward to getting back to arting.
gallery of watercolor portraits, artist Coco Connolly