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Some projects, tedious yet ultimately satisfying.

Ok, so I inherited the logo from MSLK . As well as a stationary system established by a previous designer. Even so, I did find it fun to work with the existing elements and refresh about a billion pieces. Forms, tags, labels, envelopes, you name it, I worked on it today.                                                                                                                                      

“I dreamed I danced in my Maidenform bra.”

KevinWhite_dancerPromo_coco5The first thing that came to mind when Kevin White showed me his photos of Claire Callaway was the Maidenform campaign from the 1950’s. Such an outrageous, yet sticky campaign!

No, I refrained from using the photos to spoof that campaign. Opted instead to package the new work in a mini portfolio envelope, found on Marsupial Papers, showcasing four portraits of Claire. Writer Jo Marshall interviewed Claire about the shoot. I included Claire’s thoughts about working with Kevin, placing the text on an illustration I created.



I fell in love with a lunchbox.

Tripped over it at Paper Source. Bought a few.

Then went back to the studio and wondered “what can I do with this?”

My client Friend and Johnson reps a boatload of uber talented photographers and illustrators, many of whom work with food. Well, what better way to send images of food to jaded art buyers and art directors then packed in wax paper in a lunchbox. At least a lunchbox breaks through the clutter of a thousand postcards. Writer Jo Marshall jumped on board. Our first lunchbox was to Mpls agency MONO. They had just landed the Target grocery business.


















24 delicious images in all… thank you Charles Shotwell, Kathryn Barnard.


How can I forget? Halloween 2012

Epic episode of photo art direction. Five weeks, 160 models and 272 costume changes for Target Halloween. This was 2012, but with the season rolling in again it’s hard not to reminisce.

Kevin White photographer


chinagirlblue I don’t know how it happened, but when it came time to cast for the retro red flip wig we somehow channeled Miss Coco Peru. She gave us a shout out in this hilarious video she made at the West Hollywood Target, aka the Gay Target.